30 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

1. I’m a jazz nerd. I've loved big band and old-school jazz ever since I was a little girl.

2. My guilty pleasure is going to the spa. Specifically, facials or massages. They are so darn expensive (hence the guilt) but I treat them like rewards and book them in the future as motivation to accomplish a goal.

3. I was born February 11th and I'm an Aquarius. My mother is an Aquarius too.

4. I’m obsessed with Husky Dogs! 

5. I used to dress like a punk rocker in middle school and streak my hair with black sharpie.

6. My first guitar was a pink Fender Strat.

7. I was accepted into the SFJAZZ High School All Star Band when I was 17.

8. I swear that morning workouts improve my mood for the entire day! 

9. During a college internship at a music label I once locked my keys in my car while picking up lunch for The Black Keys. I can still feel the shame.

10. I bike commute to work. 

11. My eyes are green-ish hazel.

12. I still wear a retainer several nights a week.

13. I have a weird passion for calendars and scheduling. I love everything to do with calendars...from how they look, to that feeling of possibility when there’s free time to fill!

14. No matter what I have going on, I’m always planning the next round of adventures 6-months out. For example, right now I’m planning a trip to Nepal in 5 months in addition to prepping for a backpacking trip this weekend.

15. I started skiing when I was 4 (both my parents are skiers)

16. Any time the moment is right, I love saying “Rock & Roll is a dirty business.”

17. I write, perform, and record my own music. I have a trained background in sound engineering.

18. I once wrote a 15 minute music score for a 16 piece band, including horns and strings.

19. I love historical accounts or historical fiction novels -especially anything related to WWII or Cold War Espionage.

20. My favorite places I’ve traveled to ski are Japan and Argentina.

21. I have a newfound love for Pilates. I do it almost every evening after work.

22. My best girlfriends know which boy inspired every one of my original songs.

23. I’m a trained vocalist but I hate karaoke.

24. Whiskey is my spirit of choice, but I don’t drink often.

25. I once had bangs and I will never do it again. It was so much work.

26: The scariest sport I’ve ever tried is White Water Kayaking. I spent about 5 years learning it with my brother and my dad when I was a teenager. I had one scary accident and I haven't jumped back on the horse!

27. I just signed up for an app where I can babysit people's dogs. I love dogs so much but I won't let myself own one until I have a backyard.

28. Biggest pet peeve: towels on the floor.

29. I believe in being an energy-giver. Whether it's giving your loved-ones a meaningful compliment each day, or inspiring your teammates with something you learned. Being an energy-giver is the best way to carry happiness wherever you go.

30. I once bent all my bottom, front teeth forward when I overshot a ski jump and sent it to the flats. The dentist pushed them all back in place and they somehow miraculously lived.