Meet Christine

Skier     Musician     Adventurer

Christine Kay Donaldson is a big mountain skier, musician, and content creator who focuses on outdoor fitness. After graduating with her degree in Music and Sound Engineering from the University of Southern California, she established her blog while traveling the world to ski and write music.

Although her blog started out with a focus on travel and adventure gear, Christine enjoys sharing her love of healthy living and style to create content that envelops more than just outdoor fitness. Now an experienced marketer in the San Francisco Tech scene, she walks the line between wilderness adventure and city glamour - always performing music on the side.

Christine has collaborated with fitness, food, travel, and lifestyle brands including Oakley, Lufthansa, Old Navy, PROBAR, Coola Suncare, and more.

Catch up with her latest posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube as @Chrissykay


More to know

Guilty Pleasure: Massages & fancy skincare

Birthday: February 11th

Height: 5'8''

Besides Skiing: Running, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates

Day Job: Digital marketing

Snack of choice: Carrots & hummus

Favorite word: Numinous 

Always in my home: flowers & candles

I began skiing at age 4 and it has since become one of my greatest passions in life. During my growth as a skier I also fell in love with music. Now my skiing and music influence each other and take part in a beautiful cycle of give-and-take: I can adventure in nature’s gifts and show gratitude with my heart’s song.